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Horse Safety

Uneducated riders use many unsafe practices.  Centaur Rising, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, teaches all riders the purpose of appropriate safety equestrian equipment:  ATSM-approved riding helmets, quick-release stirrups, appropriate attire, tack that fits both horse and rider.  We teach riders to approach, halter, lead, groom, tack and mount a horse safely.  We teach them the use of their aids to control the horse “under saddle”.  We help them to understand when a horse is about to become out of control.  We teach them what to do to regain control of the horse, thus further promoting riding safety.

photoHorse abuse and neglect are closely related to the use of unsafe horse handling.  When a horse “acts up”, riders become fearful and 1) get hurt, 2) withdraw – only to perpetuate and perhaps escalate bad behavior, or 3) become abusive – forcing the horse into submission.  Depending upon the temperament of the horse, the latter approach can backfire, creating an even worse “outlaw” – or it can create a horse with a broken spirit.  This all emanates from a lack of knowledge plus fear.

The use of safe horse handling practices maximizes a rider’s long-term relationship with a horse.  It minimizes the likelihood of head injury and other horse-caused physical traumas.  It thus reduces the cost to society of caring for abused and neglected horses and the cost of treatment and care of people injured by horses.

Our Links page features websites on horse injury prevention.

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