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Is Yours a "Horse Crazy" Child?


Some people, especially little girls, are born loving horses.  They want their parents to buy a horse.  It is a single-minded passion.  A parent, however, has dozens of questions:



How much does a horse cost?
What do we need to learn about buying a horse?
How much will it cost to keep a horse?
Where can we board a horse?
What do we need to learn about horse care?
What horse equipment do we need?
How old should my daughter be to ride a horse?
What do we need to know about riding safety?

Fortunately there is one answer to all these questions.  Don’t purchase a horse.  Sign up for riding lessons.  The benefits to youth far outweigh any cost or inconvenience.  It’s the best thing you can do for your child and for horses.

You can also check out our brochure on this subject:  Tips for Buying You First Horse.


Click here to learn more about riding lessons, our long-term commitment to youth and our horse camp and after school programs.


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