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Riding Lessons


The Centaur Rising program most central to all of its missions is its horse riding lessons.  These are offered to children and adults who live in the Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey, Morrison, Pine, Golden, Lakewood and Littleton communities. We are above Denver at 8300' in the Colorado Rocky Mountain foothills.  Overnight accommodations are also available for non-local students.

English riding lessons are offered Tuesday through Saturday, 9am to 7pm, year round.  An indoor arena, heat lamps in the tacking up area, and a woodstove in the viewing area render almost any winter day a great time to ride!  We have exceptional school horsesHorse safety is paramount.  Horseback riding helmets are provided for boys and girls.  Home school families are encouraged to take lessons during the school day.

photoHorseback riding lessons introduce students to the following:

  • General responsibilities of owning a horse,
  • Developing the equestrian knowledge, skills and coordination to “tell a horse what to do”,
  • Developing the balance and suppleness to make a horse’s job easier for him,
  • Safe handling of horses, and
  • Understanding horse behavior.

One may scoff that it does not take that much to ride a horse.   That might be true.  It all depends upon how much one wants to get out of the experience of riding a horse.  The more one continues to learn, the more one realizes that horse lessons can help one develop courage yet compassion, sensitivity yet assertiveness.  Dressage lessons can provide not just physical balance, flexibility and symmetry; they also can provide emotional balance and stress relief as well.  Riding lessons can help one to learn a lot about himself and how to become more effective in life in general!



Dressage instruction goes beyond merely the “right buttons to push”.  It requires that the human deal with his own imbalances, physical and otherwise.  Riding lessons become the vehicle for youth development in a child as well as for personal growth in the adult.

Dressage lessons, furthermore, provide a foundation for any other kind of discipline that the rider wishes to pursue:  English riding, western riding, jumping, three-day eventing or breed shows.  The general understanding of horses and of one’s responsibilities with regard to horses transcend all riding disciplines.  [Read success stories of the founder's students.]

Riding lessons are offered to adults as well as to children ages three and up.  Mothers and pre-schoolers can take lessons simultaneously.  Local horse owners are encouraged to trailer their horses to the stable for riding lessons.  Some horse owners may benefit from initial lessons on a school horse.  Families can take group lessons and learn together!


photoSeat lessons are recommended for all students.  In this type of lesson, the instructor lunges the horse in a circle.  Since it is the instructor who handles the horse, the rider can concentrate entirely upon his own balance and position.  Seat lessons are the best way to develop the muscles and coordination required for riding.  Seat lessons also instill confidence.  They help the rider to develop the core body strength to maintain stability to keep from falling – even in the most adverse situations.  Seat lessons make life much easier for you and your horse!!!

Suggested equestrian equipment for riding lessons along with other information is downloadable below.  If you wish to schedule riding lessons or to get more information, please give us a call or e-mail us.  We'll be glad to talk with you and respond to all your questions.

Don’t hesitate to improve your riding!  Your horse (or future dream horse) will love you for it!!!

Please read about our horses, our facility and our instructors.  Download a brochure with more information and current rates.  Also check out our after-school and horse camp programs, our scholarships, our programs geared to adults and our long-term commitment to youth.  Want to help us with our missions?  Click on “You Can Help” or "Donate Now".  Thank you!!!