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Sponsor A Horse

One of the most gratifying ways you can help the missions of Centaur Rising is through sponsoring a horse.  It is the horse, after all, that teaches participants about their responsibilities to horses - and teaches them a lot about themselves!

Even if you have never been able to own a horse yourself, you can vicariously make a difference in the life of the horse you adopt.  You can donate money to help provide for his care.

Sponsors insure that each horse receives:

Excellent quality hay, grain and supplements
A warm clean safe stall each night
Daily turnout with his friends
Bi-monthly horseshoeing and de-worming
Annual vaccinations
Routine, as-needed and emergency health care
Health insurance (where appropriate)
Safe fences, buildings and grounds
A personal blanket to keep him warm in the wintertime
A personal bridle and halter

A saddle that is comfortable for him

In grateful return, Centaur Rising will – if you like - send you (if you are a Full Sponsor) monthly e-mails telling you about your horse’s accomplishments and contributions.

Who has your horse been teaching?
What have his students learned?
What has the horse learned?

photoYou, as a Full Sponsor, may elect to receive personal notes from the people who learn from and love this horse.  You will be part of Centaur Rising’s equestrian mission of helping children and helping horses.  Please help if you can!

You, as a Full Sponsor, you may choose to be recognized by a plate on the horse’s stall.  You may visit the horse at any time.  Come stay overnight in the local area.  Get to know your horse.  See how he teaches others almost every day of the year!



Full sponsorship


Half sponsorship


One month sponsorship


A donation of any amount is, however, gladly accepted.

You may learn more about Centaur Rising's horses and choose a horse by clicking here.  Then go to "Donate Now" or send a check to the address to the left.  You may use the "Comments" section of "Donate Now" to let us know which horse you would like to sponsor.  You may also "Contact Us", send us an e-mail or give us a phone call to let your wishes be known.  Thank you for considering your sponsorship of one of these valuable teachers!