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Make a difference with kids and horses.  Give time to our equestrian youth programs.

You too can be a part of Centaur Rising!  This page will list volunteers currently needed.  Unless otherwise noted, the amount of time commitment and hours are open.  Please indicate your interest by first going to “Contact Us ”.  We will let you know about our current needs.  Please note, that whereas many tasks are not schedule-bound, we do appreciate your commitment to completing any responsibility for which you have offered your time.  Thank you for giving this some thought.  You will enjoy our friendly, supportive, relaxed environment. Meet new friends that are horses or people who love horses!

  • Horse Camp staff - help students fetch, groom and tack up horses; provide supervision and teach about horses and horse care; hours – 8-3pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; June, July and August  staffing agreement
  • Assistant instructor - teach youth how to get horses, groom them and tack them up; learn to teach small children on proven quiet school horses
  • Working student - fetch training horses, groom them and tack them up; learn how to train horses; time - AMs best
  • Tack manager – wash saddle pads and horse blankets in washer and dryer on premises, clean and inspect tack, organize tack and grooming equipment
  • Gardener – weed, trim dead foliage, thin and move perennials, prepare ground in the springtime, plant annuals; be a liaison with community garden clubs and nurseries
  • Office assistant – file, basic clerical tasks, organize office
  • Librarian – organize equestrian and nature library
  • Lounge manager – keep lounge presentable: sweep, organize, manage “lost and found”, take out trash
  • Marketing - help with website updates, presentations, brochures, press releases
  • Fund raising – contribute your ideas, energy and experience!

Any of these responsibilities sound like fun to you?  Perhaps you have other suggestions.  Your ideas and contributions are welcomed and appreciated.  Welcome to the Centaur Rising family!