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Adult Equestrian Education

Local riding lessons, horse vacations devoted to learning


Although youth development is a critical mission of Centaur Rising, adults are important too!  Many of the skills learned by children are also appropriate for adults.  Furthermore adults tend to be more cognizant of the personal growth opportunities that come from dressage lessons.

Parents are encouraged to join in their children’s learning by taking riding lessons themselves!  We also offer group lessons to families.  Correct horse riding is a great way to get in shape.  It enhances both physical fitness and flexibility.

Seniors are encouraged to join the fun!  Our quiet dependable school horses are also great for older people and those of any age who may be afraid to ride.  Have you always dreamed of learning to ride?  Now is the time!


Adult horseback riding lessons help teach the responsibilities of horse ownership.  Riding lessons give one the opportunity to see if an adult “really likes it” and if he/she has the time to make horses a commitment in his life.  Centaur Rising gives adults the opportunity to lease a horse or to board a horse under instructor supervision.  This gives the potential horse owner (and his horse) the maximum opportunity for success!

Adults can also benefit from the “community” of the riding stable.  Make new friends who also love horses!


A variety of educational experiences in addition to riding lessons are also available to adults: 

  • Dressage clinics with guest instructors are offered on a bi-monthly basis in the wintertime.  Adult students are invited to join CR trainers in auditing local dressage clinics away from the stable and in accompanying them to dressage horse shows.
  • An ample library of horse books and equestrian videotapes are available for borrowing.
  • Adults are encouraged to watch other lessons, horse training and other activities on the grounds.  Ask lots of questions!!!
  • Overnight lodging is available for humans as well as for horses.  Please consider a weeklong horse riding vacation!   Activities might include daily lessons, seat lessons, trail riding, observing dressage training and other lessons, learning how to lunge a horse, asking questions, retiring to one’s room for more reading, videos or the whirlpool tub!  What could be more fun… and educational too!!!  Click here for more information.

For more information, please download the following:

Don’t hesitate to improve your riding!  Your horse (or future dream horse) will love you for it!!!

Please read about our horses, our equestrian facility, our instructors, our adult dressage camp and more about riding lessons.  Download the brochure above for more information and for current rates.  Want to help us in our mission?  “You Can Help” or "Donate Now".  Thank you!!!